Illustrator Shortcuts

4:19:00 AM

These shortcuts are for handling layers, selections, type, and more that are sure to gureenteed to increase productivity.

Select all items in a layer
Mac: Option+Click layer
Windows: Alt+Click layer

Hand tool
Mac: Spacebar
Windows: Spacebar

Access selection or deselection tool
Mac: Cmd
Windows: Ctrl

Lock selected artwork
Mac: Cmd+2
Windows: Ctrl+2

Unlock selected artwork
Mac: Cmd+Option+2
Windows: Ctrl+Alt+2

Mac: Option+drag
Windows: Alt+drag

Decrease/Increase type size
Mac: Cmd+shift+
Windows: Ctrl+shift+

Decrease/Increase leading
Mac: Option+up/down
Windows: Alt+ up/down

Align text left/centre/right
Mac: Cmd+shift+L/C/R
Windows: Ctrl+shift+L/C/R

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