Designing A Website with Great Typography

10:01:00 PM

Website typography is honestly an ultimate struggle for designers. According to Oliver Riechenstein, web design is almost entirely dependent on typography (95%) to be more precise. This means that a designer should learn how typography works in order to become a great designer. Obviously, not every client will like what a designer does with typography but the goal is to make them understand the point of it.

With layouts, grids, color, and visual design you risk damage to your project and website. Another reason why typography is important is the content, which user depend on solely and obtain graphic balance. Images play a vital role in making a website but great things can be achieved with white space and typography alone. There are examples out there that show extremely successful designs that don’t contain imagery. Proper typography keeps the website consistent and save users from wandering around to find critical information. Inconsistently can cause utter chaos especially on a website. When the typography is done in a good way, it straightens up the website and makes the critical elements on a website easy to find.

Great design grabs the attentions of the website immediately. You do not want content that is impossible to read or ruin the experience completely. Readable type allows users to comprehend your content instead of trying to figure it out or search for it. Overall, typography stands for how well you express your brand and spread your message. This needs to be understood properly in order to obtain great results and best way is by choosing the appropriate typeface.

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