Setting and Meeting Expectations are Crucial

7:54:00 AM

When it comes to dealing with clients, I make sure their needs are met or their expectations are met, whether it is good or bad. They want to know that they are listened to and that their ideas are, at least, tried out. Everyone has some sort of expectation that they want to be met. For example, ever wonder how Amazon sets expectations for their packages to get to you by a certain date, especially when it comes to Amazon Prime. There have been times I have gotten my packages earlier than expected. This means that the expectations from Amazon have been met.

On the opposite end, going to a restaurant can be a hassle sometimes. The wait time can be as short as 15 minutes and a long as an hour. Depending on how busy it is that day, you could be waiting extra time just to be seated. This may have customers walking out if they have been waiting more than 45 minutes and the expectation of the restaurant is not met.

Setting and meeting expectations are very crucial in freelancing. Not meeting them is bad enough for your freelance business, but not setting them is just as bad. When you do not set expectations, this will eventually get your clients lost and can be critical in the final moments of packaging and delivering the final design product. If you make a mistake during the final moments of the design process, it can lead to a tainted client relationship. This is not always because I have made mistakes before, and this usually happens when you get caught up sometimes. However, this cannot be a habit. That is when it looks bad on your part.

To avoid this, tell your new client exactly what they would expect during the project and your job is to meet and exceed those expectations. Now, a welcome packet is probably not necessary. However, having a contract that states these expectations, policies, availability, ways of communication, payment, revisions, penalties, and contact information. Secondly, educate your clients on the process and what they need to know. They do not know how you work and what your process is because everyone has a different process. Some are easier than others and some are more complicated than others. Set expectations when you recieve new business because you are able to earn the clients trust and save you the hassel of loosing a client. 

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