Imposter Syndrome within Designers

9:28:00 AM

Obviously, I am a good designer. Good enough to obtain a degree and become a freelancer. However, every time I see something designed, I feel like if only I had had more time or tried abbot harder. Maybe I could make something more worthwhile. From more easing and research, there are a lot of designers that feel this way. Every creative person working in a creative field feels this way. If they deny it, they’re either lying or a narcissist.

Creativity could be something you’re born with, but you’re probably working really hard to get there. We, the creatives of the world, like to talk about creative things and creative work like we were born with pens or electronics in our hands. Like every other skill, it improves overtime. 

When you looked at something you have created. Even thought it may appear to be the best you still think you didn't do enough or missed an important piece. Seeing room for improvement is what make us great designers. Feelings like this are part of the creative person special, imposter syndrome.

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