Take A Break

8:35:00 PM

Everyone says that you need a break once in a while. Even if it is something you enjoy or passionate about, you should always take a break. I'm known not to really do so because I'm still a freelance, however, I work in a break once in a while and do something else even if it is a quick bite to eat. 

Being self-employed has its benefits. You set your own hours, and it works on your schedule. If you don't take advantage, then you are doing it wrong. Taking time off does mean you are not making money unlike working full-time salary at a job. However, while rest of the world takes vacation breaks according to corporate calendar dates, freelancers have both the freedom and pressure of unlimited time off. This is both a blessing and a curse. I guess that is why I can't take breaks. 

My advice is to plan your days off. While as a freelancer, I'm also a material handler and I plan my days off well in advance where I purchase my paid time off or use sick time especially since I enjoy going to anime conventions. Build your income so when yo take that day or days off, you would not have to worry about cash flow. Save some money, whether it is a couple of dollars or a few hundred, it helps in the long run when you truly need or if something happens when you begin working after your days off.

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