Pro Bono; Is It Worth It?

7:34:00 AM

Should you get paid for your work? The simple answer is yes. However, the actual right answer is "not always". You would think, why would anyone especially as design work for free? For example, Paula Scher actually works for free. She states that the design community is more concerned about their position for getting paid for their work that they do not spend time growing their work in order to have control. This will lead them to do better as a designer.

For me, I am not the biggest fan of pro bono all the time. Maybe it is because I have been doing this for a while. However, for certain occasions, such as non profit organizations. I am pretty much eager to do pro bono. However, do not do work for free in hopes to get paid for it. That is spec work. Do not do it. With some pro bono work, you gain cues from it and you are able to develop yourself. Nit always you get your way doing pro bono work, but you are able to control how your work is crested and what the client is allowed to receive.

Working for free puts Designers on the defense, even myself but it is an opportunity to potentially create breathtaking work and create collaborative work. You have more times to experiment that can last. Don't necessarily write off pro bono work altogether.

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