Diversity In Design Is Important

12:27:00 PM

Diversity in design is actually important. Not too many, especially in my hometown on Chester went for graphic design. Most went for other area and anything to do with the art was for music. I ended up going to a HBCU for art, but was told it was for graphic design. Many are still amazed that graphic design is still what I want to do. When I graduated from college, it was only me and another student in our curriculum. I set to be a graphic design and she become and excellent tattoo artist. We essentially set the stone for more students to join the program, because there were more that graduated the following years afterwards.

Design shapes brands, evokes emotion, and sets the definitive tone. Diversity holds the greatest impacts when it comes to people. My options and views may be different from yours. This is where I bring a different level of creativity to graphic design, which I may produce a design solution different from others based on my perception creating unique solutions. I do not often work with artist and designers who "look like me" or see my view point. Actually, it is harder because I am a black women in the industry. I hit two bricks. This is actually a rarity in my field. That's why I push so hard. It can seem less realistic to be a true player in a space where being black and a woman in a dominant culture of essentially males and other races is almost unheard of or hidden.

I am actually glad I was exposed to the culture of art and design at a young age. Graphic design when I was in high school was uncommon. It was the beginning to an expanding culture of graphic design. Why are there so few of us in the design field? Maybe we are scattered about? Graphic design seems seeming less exposed as a career path and now with a new president, more focuses on the arts are being neglected and removed especially in Black communities. People undervalue the importance of design in business, marketing, pop culture, and human communication. Maybe just plain ignorance? As a designer of color, we shouldrise above the challenge, invest, and over diversity where there is lack of in many places. We can learn from each other.

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