Always Keep Experimenting

11:11:00 PM

There are a lot of people who have come from different backgrounds from studying fine arts to illustration, to design, to history. The best way to show what you can do is through experimentation. Do not be limited to a particular style or form. Be interested in different idioms and not just a particular style. I did not know how important it was to show my process until a little later. You will come to find out that your audience will understand your work better from your process, the struggles you endured, your strengths, and weaknesses towards your final product.

It's interesting what leads to a new technique. The personal development of skills and innovations that make each of us a unique artist. One should be able to watch these developments within themselves and others. Push the boundaries, discover, and change it is a little bit. You never know what you can create by just experimenting.

Drew de Soto tells us: “Try to keep the results to one or two spreads per project. Don’t show thirty different ways of writing the same word in a different typeface, that isn’t experimentation. Do show five ways of how you experimented with the word and used different mediums". from his book Know Your Onions. It is great advice for those getting into design, already in design, and even experienced designers.

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