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Every year, there is a new trend on how a portfolio and website should look for a graphic designer and artist. It is 2017, and creative freedom is what I strive for. There should not be a right or a necessarily wrong way to promote yourself as a designer when creating a website. However, I do update my website frequently from small updates to larger updates. Here is my format on how a designers website can look like.

For my homepage, I immediately showcase my artwork for everyone to see. Everyone is different. However, you key essential should be your call-to-action. Do not forget your call-to-action. It is the most essential content to your website. You can have a splash page, testimonials, and a short blurb. It is not required, but are important to your website.

About Page:
I am one who likes to tell my life story. However, I did learn how to have various versions of the same profile. The best advice I can give for an about me page is to make it short and sweet and somehow focus on your goals for the client. At least if you are trying to have a business website.

This is a very crucial section to your website. For me, I have a portfolio and a business website. I try to keep at least 15 or so for my portfolio and about 10 for my business website. Your best work should be displayed on your website. For me, I give as much detail in my description as possible or show my process leading up to the final design. Behance.com is a good site to practice on showing your best work and process.

Three words: keep it simple. If you are a freelance, you do not need to put your address. However, you should have a form linked to your e-mail and links to your social media. Small, but legible icons are cleaner. In some cases, you can have a location map and a clever blurb to draw whoever views your website.

You want to showcase your portfolio/website as best way you can, but there are various ways of doing so. If you are a beginner then Behance.com is a great format to start.

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