Is Personal Projects Key to Better Creative Work

9:06:00 PM

‘Vernacular’ by Anoopa John

Everyday, you need to constantly decide what you see, read, and hear. When working personal, you should experiment with how far you can tell a story with vernacular and image. My goal has always been to make a difference, but also tell a story. Working in such a personal subject can function like therapy to the point that it can become iconic. You begin to question yourself "Why would people be interested in my story? What do others get from it?" Then you will sometimes find out that many people have had a similar experience. Your best work, I believe, are ones you never see as art. Things that may not be art to some is art to others. The mistakes you see can be someone else's idea. It is the love of "error" and "mistakes"

When it comes to my work, my best work is ones I am not fond of. I do not necessarily focus on my most polished work. I focus on ones that have a meaning. For me, it is about the ideas where I think further than the design I am trying to create. The one thing about being a designer is that I have the free to pursue other avenues. For me, I need the right amount of thought process. I want to let it all out freely (like a painter). I advise artists to approach their projects on a more personal level, even if it is completely straight forward or even a boring subject. Make it personal and tell a story even for the client.

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