A Professional Logo is Not Free Nor $5.00.

10:30:00 PM

Logo design is very underrated, especially now. Graphic Design in general is underrated. Not too many people understand how important a good brand and good design is. It is a form of visual communication. Unfortunately, a lot of people seem that a logo should be free or cost $5.00. A logo's design is of immediate recognition and communication. The aspects of a logo are made up of shapes, colors, typefaces, imagery, and communication. It is used to identify a brand and/or identity.  So, why do you really want a cheap logo?

When I became a freelance graphic designer, I wanted to provide a service and make a difference in the world through my work. I do not mind doing pro-bono work. However, spec work is something I do not do. It is like saying, "I design for you, and I will pay you if I like it" It is more common that you realize. No designer should have to invest their time and efforts, if they are not guaranteed a payment.

As a designer, you are allowed to designate your own price. However, don't not sell yourself short. In a professional logo design, it usually includes: a design brief, research (including creating or buying typefaces), references, sketching/process, originality, presentation, conveys the brand's message effectively. Contracts may or may not be included. In a $5.00 logo: fonts are free and basic, not an effective color scheme, not scalable, doesn't convey the brand effectively, and not original.

My final notes are: Do not go for a cheap logo (especially if it is not original). If you are trying to start a business or recreate yourself, you should invest in a professional logo or just take the time to learn how to create a logo (not just to use photoshop).

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