Time For Personal Life

7:00:00 AM

As I finish another weight lifting session, I wonder do I really have time for a personal life. I do on some occasions. On top of trying to be a successful graphic designer, I work at the Kihl's warehouse in San Bermardino and also a full time graduate student. Do I have time for a personal life to sit in relax. I usually have errands to complete or cleaning, etc. my only fun time are going to anime conventions, where I don't have to worry about much.

If anything, I recommend scheduling your sleep time. I only need 6 hours to be rested. Some need 8. If you are a day worker, schedule your sleep time during the night. Eliminate distracting while working to get done faster and in a efficient amount of time. Everyone gets overwhelmed, but it is life.making a timeline for yourself is probably the most efficient thug you could have especially if you are a designer. You know exactly what is important and what is less important. For me, I have a plan B and C just in case something goes wrong or comes up. You should as well.

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