Mistakes Business Owners and Freelancers Make

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As someone who wants to start my own design firm in the future, I try to get a good start by not making obvious mistakes when starting out. Here are some mistakes I think you should avoid (or fix), before wanting to be established.

1. Not having a blog with your website.
Blogging is one of the ways to establish yourself online. Before designing, I was blogging ever since high school. No matter what kind of business you want to run, if you own a computer and some writing skills then you should be blogging. This is one of my 3 blogs I publish. They will soon have domain of their own.

2. Promoting Instead of Serving A Resourse. 
I do not liket to brag or "toot my own horn" about myself or me being a designer. No one should really. That should be shown not said. For me, I like to offer free resources, good books to read, anything I can offer viewer (and customers) what I can help and offer. I have also worked in retail and customers like being offered things and know that they are being listened to.

3. Failing To Build An E-Mail List. 
Even though I am still building myself as a good designer, I have an e-mail list. There are a lot out there. I personally use MailChimp. If you chose, you can even do one from your email. I have a sign up firm right on my website and this blog (scroll to the bottom).

4. Too Much.
I'm guilty of this too. All people really need is contact info, who you are, services you can offer, free resources. Simple is effective.

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