29 Days of Black Cosplay and Black Excellence in the Arts

7:00:00 AM

Not only am I a graphic designer, but I also cosplay. For those who might not know the in and outs of fandom and geek culture, the term cosplay is short for "costume play," and is done when people dress up like their favorite characters from comic books, TV shows, anime, movies, you name it.  Cosplay was coined by Japanese reporter Takahashi Nobuyuki in 1984 after visiting WorldCon in Los Angeles, a convention where attendees had started the practice of wearing elaborate character costumes as far back as the 1970s.

Geek culture has indeed flourished. For example, look at the artist Chip Kidd. He is a graphic design and his main designs are f comic book covers from the likes of Batman and Watchman. However, there are not many people of color who cosplay. This is because it is deemed "not accurate" or "not right" by society. As a designer and artist, I promote black excellence all year long, especially in the arts. I believe cosplay is another form of art as well, which should be respected as such no matter the race or ethnicity.

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