Just My Type By: Simon Garfield

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My latest design book purchase was Simon Garfield's Just My Type. It has been in my wish list for months and found it on sale at Barnes And Noble. For some, it is an "alright" read, but for others, like myself, it is a good mix of humor and knowledge about the type.  Why I say humor? There is a section where Simon mentions Comic Sans. You do not really have to know anything about art to know how much Comic Sans is over saturated and most hated typeface.
"Comic Sans is type that has gone wrong. It was designed with strict intentions by a professional man with a solid philosophical grounding in graphic arts, and it was unleashed upon the world with a kind heart. It was never intended to cause revulsion or loathing, much less end up (as it has) on the side of an ambulance or a gravestone. It was intended to be fun. And, oddly enough, it was never intended to be a typeface at all."

It is a very clever and entertaining book and can change how you perceive written word.  There are also some history and backbone to where these basic (or most used) fonts come from. Fonts surround us every day, on street signs and buildings, on movie posters and books, and on just about every product that we buy. Again, it is not necessarily meant for graphic designers or those in the related field. However, the book does hit on some interesting points about fonts. It is entertaining and you should be able to get some great history, especially on early day fonts (like, Comic Sans).

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