Print vs. Web Fonts

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There is a difference between print and web based fonts. Although they both might be based on the same design, they have their differences, especially in spacing, design and even licensing. Fonts intended for use on the web are optimized and often modified to enhance readability and performance on screen in a variety of digital environments. With these type of fonts, it can include a taller x-height, wider letterforms, more open counters, heavier thin strokes and serifs, reduced stroke contrast, as well as modified curves and angles for some designs, and more open spaces for smaller sizes. All these factors take into account to improve the overall readability in digital content.

Web fonts come in two varieties: unique designs formulated specifically for the web, and optimized versions of desktop fonts. As designers, we actually use these more often than we think. Sometimes right and sometimes wrong. For example, a lot of fonts have or are enhanced from a print based font to a web based font.

ITC Galliard and ITC Galliard eText are a member of Monotype’s eText Collection, but both vary considerably. The eText version has been enhanced for onscreen reading with a slightly taller x-height, a less pronounced weight contrast, proportionally heavier thin strokes and serifs, and an overall heavier appearance.

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