What Does Typography Mean To You?

7:00:00 AM

I think of typography as a complicated concept to design. It is a subject of its own. Typography, or the artful representation of words, is a fundamental building block of graphic design. In many ways, typography and the use of written language separate graphic design from other design pursuits, such as fashion, architecture, and product design. Graphic design is all about type. Usually, if there is no type, the work is not graphic design.

True mastery of typography can take many years of practice. As with any long-term pursuit, the first steps are the most important. A basic understanding of type history, design, technology, and vocabulary will provide a strong foundation for successful typographic efforts by anyone willing to pay attention to the details.

Have you ever heard someone say they graphic design was easy? When someone said this, did they know about typography theory and practice? Probably not. In graphic design, you have to know your basics and fundamentals. Typography is a key element to those fundamentals. There is always something new to learn about graphic design and how typography works. It is one of the amazing things about design, at least for me.

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