Sketching Is Actually Important For Designers

7:00:00 AM

I have been drawing and sketching ever since I was a little girl. I always enjoyed doing son, because it was my tranquil. Since I have been getting into design, I have been sketching and drawing less unless I am working on bigger projects that requires more brainstorming.

However, as designers, sketching is part of the design process. It is important, because it weeds out the obvious solutions to the client's problem. Sketching does not have to be completely detailed. It can be small thumbnail sketches and as many as possible. I've heard people say it takes too long, but it is how long you make it to be. You take as long as you need to find the best solution for the design. For me, not only do I do a few sketches, but I take a few notes as well. They can be anywhere from colors, to placement of elements, and even writing down a theme.

Also, another idea is to keep your collection of sketches handy because it may not work for one idea, but it may work for another with some tweaks. AT this point, I sketch and write out my ideas. Everything is clearer when words are attached to my ideas.

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