Identity vs. Branding

12:11:00 AM

Your business identity comes from within and it’s who we are and what we are as a human being. However, once you have that business identity, you can work on bringing it to life, visually. That’s what branding is.

Think of branding for a second. The way it works is that each item has a brand, so you know who the owner of each item is. Today, branding has become much more humane and much more important. Your brand is your business identity and it is brought to life through your designs, your logo, the colors, symbols, and your story behind your entire identity.

I believe it is such a wonderful thing when you can bring a brand to life. Personally, I love being able to tell the stories of different clients and bringing it to life. Branding is everything you do and show it off to the world.

Branding targets the people, who care about you and know who you are. A strong brand increases loyalty, and having a strong brand does wonders for your business too.

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