Picking The Right Font For A Book Cover Design

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As a designer, I learn new concepts and ideas all the time. One thing I am new at is design book covers. I am a published author of my new poetry book: Poetically Unspoken A Poetic Memoir, Vol. 1. The one thing that is important is choosing the right font for the design. Some fonts do not work for all covers. It is usually because:

  • They are not legible and the audience cannot read it.
  • The font was not meant for display
  • The font does not it the genre.
Good fonts used on book covers are highly legible. I recommend a basic typeface and a mixture of San Serif and Serif typefaces. Personally, I think Bakersville or Trajan works well. Now, I could be wrong on that. However, I do know you should use display fonts rather than text fonts.
  • Text fonts are designed to set large amounts of text, like the pages in your book. 
  • Display faces, on the other hand, are designed to be seen in larger sizes. The proportions of the letters and the way they fit together are very different from text faces.
You just have to know how you want your book cover to look. Other fonts you can use is:
Making your book cover look right is a very crucial step in having an effective book cover.

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