Ways To Be An Awesome Graphic Designer

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There are many ways to be a graphic designer, or to have the title of graphic designer. We all know about the basics, typography, line length, fundamentals of design, and principles of design. That is self explanatory. Knowing Photoshop, however, is not solely one of them. Graphic Design, and the creative arts in general is a very competitive industry to get into. For me, it is my passion, my dream, and to make a difference in the world. For others, it is just a way to make extra money or additional skill set.

I am a workaholic by nature, and it definitely has its good and bad sides. However, I could never just sit and do nothing all day. It drives me crazy. Being a designer is the biggest challenge. Being noticed as a designer is an even bigger challenge. That is what i work on every day. There is a range of designers across the globe that want to make a name for themselves.

Here is my journey and process of becoming an awesome graphic designer. Everyone is different.

The big advantage of working in the creative industry is improving on your craft everyday. The last thing you want to do is fall behind in your career; your work. You have to surround yourself with positivity, which can be really hard. For me, it is almost impossible when there are people who do not really support what you want to do. You just have to keep pushing and find other means to find positivity and practice and what you enjoy doing even if it is small project everyday.

Think of it is going to the gym everyday to train the body. That is how graphic design is. You are training your mind, hands, and skill set in designing. By doing this, you learn new techniques, solves problems, and learn ways to do things that you could not do before.

Having the motivation is actually crucial. If you do not have the motivation to do something, then you will not complete or learn anything new. You will get bored or tired of it. When practicing, I keep my challenges interesting and stimulating where I am not bored. When I take on clients, I am brainstorming to bring out my ideas. I find several ways to stay motivated when designing for others, even if the topic is not interesting. I make it so that I am able to complete the task to the best of my ability and still be proud of the final product.

Exploring Possibilities
When working on a project, one challenge is finding the time to complete the project. Sometimes things come up and things can get overwhelming or you have more projects this month than last month. Staying consistent through the duration of your projects can pose a challenge as well. With me, I explore new fonts, techniques, filters, etc. I explore what I can do with my craft as a designer.

Staying committed to your work is very important. It can be hard to find the motivation, but loving what you do should prove enough to make you stay committed. I put my work on all my social networks and try to bring in a wider audience. My blog is the same way. In a matter of two months, I was able to stay committed and posting every single Tuesday. When I post, I make sure I post throughout that day on social media. I went from having a 2-3 page views to 20 and for a very popular topic 100 page views. I want to keep delivering at this rate and in additional post I show my studio art work and personal projects I am working on.  I do not want any excuses for not doing something or keeping on task. If you make excuses than you will find another excuse for not doing or keeping up with your commitment.

Having support is a very good feeling. However, sometimes, your projects can have you neglecting your friends and family. Just sometimes. You should surround yourself around people who encourage your work and to keep going. For me, I have always been used to people saying I "can't" or I "shouldn't". This is one I continue to work on as I meet new and interesting people and encounters. I also have times when I am stuck in a creative block and through conversations with people close to me, I get ideas and inspirations to do something better. However, this is also a time when you find out who is really investing in your success as a designer and an individual. In the past few years, I found out who was my real friends and was really supportive when they claim they were. This is, for me, the biggest journey...having the support I need, because when things get difficult, you need someone to be there to tell you everything will be ok.

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