3 Common Web Design Mistakes

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Websites are part of the modern world. It helps direct business, gain knowledge, sell products/goods, and provide insight on varying different subjects. The success of a website depends on the design. It attracts more audiences

When I went to graduate school for Interactive Design, the topic of bad web design came up. I knew a few bad sites, not because of how it was constructed (though still an issue), but the elements it was missing. Too many think that if you can work Photoshop or a design program that you are a graphic designer or web designer. It takes a lot of researching and learning to have that title. This includes going down to the elements and principles of design. No one is perfect, but having your website easily readable (and legible) to your audience is one key component.

Here are some common mistakes that are known on websites. Starting out, even us designers make that mistake, but the key is learning from that mistake.

Excessive Use of Images:
Sometimes I have seen many designers overload websites with images. Images do make the site look impressive, but having too many can distract your visitors. The images should represent your business and convey the message to your visitors. Too many images can slow down a website load time. The more time it takes to load a website, the more frustrated the visitor become (unless their computer/wi-fi is slow). I make my images in .png instead of .jpg and save my files as web files. I was always the type of person to not have enough images on my website.

Information At A Wrong Place:
There should not be unnecessary information on any web page of the site. Sometimes, we can put information on a page that has nothing to do with the page. We have all done it, I always try to wireframe my website or webpage design first to find out where everything needs to go (even the information). If I layout everything in a sketch, when it is time to design, I know where everything needs to go and what does not. Designers are not perfect, we just need to learn from out mistakes.

Bad Navigation:
I have always been strict on navigation. I am not a big fan of the side navigation unless it is on the left hand side and all the content is starting from the left. On my portfolio, it is on the left hand side. However, every designer has their preferences. If you have your navigation link go to something completely different, there is a flaw in your navigation. If your navigation link says "about", it should go to "about" or have it's own dropdown menu.

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