How Many Concepts Do You Give Your Clients?

10:00:00 AM

I read somewhere that showing your clients your full range of creative ability during a project is important. The client is entitled to see the ideas coming from the creative professional who they have hired and invested in. However, I am at the point in my design practice that I do not need to present more than I have to. I normally give three the four concepts, but I rather explain in words rather than images. It is ideally much faster. 

I deal with a lot of clients who do not know what they want in a logo or design, not even a color scheme. Before I start with a design I work with the client to decide on the type and color that best matches what they are looking for. It gives me a much smaller, more focused sandbox in which to play. Those parameters actually help since trying to create “a cool logo” is supremely vague and can have so much variation within the language of the brief. I also start with black, gray, and white. It is easily versatile, and simplistic. Some would stick with that idea. However, I have some who want more even after giving three concepts. I charge after the 4th concept. If I do not cap at a number of concepts.

There is no right or wrong answer to how many concepts you want to show your clients. Assess each client on their own terms and figure out what’s best. Would the client be overwhelmed by too many choices, or would they welcome the variety? No one size fits all. 

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