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Design contacts can be the most important part as a graphic designer. This is how designers establish their business and protect their work. Having a design contract helps both you and the client to outline exactly what to expect of one another. Also, it is important to consider who has ownership of the work. I typically give the client ownership in my contracts, but have a clause that says I am free to display any non-sensitive work (including unused ideas) in a portfolio. Here are some do's and don't in creating a design contacting that I found useful when creating my own contact.

Do Include Specifics: Write down all specifics on who, what, and when of the project.

Do Mention Time Frame: This could be overwhelming, however, it is crucial. .

Do Include Penalties: What will happen if the client fails to pay you fully, pay you on time, or pay you at all? There are penalties. There is a hefty penalty when someone pays me late.

Don't Overcomplicate: Keep your contact simple and be sure it clearly communicates the message across to the client.

Don't Allow the Client to Impose All the Terms: A contract require both parties to agree on the terms. Both parties should contribute when drawing up the final contract so it can be fair.

Don't Forget to Re-Evaluate: Not every contract will be the same and every client is different. Your contact should be edited and re-evaluated often and appeal to you and the client.

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