Canvas Painting

1:59:00 PM

In the a week, I got back into canvas painting. However, I wanted to make abstracting paintings. I had to take painting classes as an undergrad, which I ended up enjoying. It was a requirement in order to graduate. I started with a small canvas, acrylic paint, and painters tape.

I lay down my newspaper so I won't make a mess on the floor and began with a small blank canvass. I wanted a natural-like color. I blended a medium tan and a little red and white, giving me a a burnt orange. This is my background. I felt accomplished that I still remember how to mix paints real well.

After doing so, I made the background have a little texture. I added a "dot" of light to brighten the color. It gave it a bit of shading. I let the paint completely dry. It didn't take long, but I waited hours before beginning the next part. 

Next, I added painters tape on top of the canvas making different shapes. This is where paint mixing really came in handy. I wanted some colors. There is some purple, blue, orange, yellow, and even pink. 

I waited for the paint to completely dry so the painters tape will come off easier. Note: For a small canvas like this, I would use a .25 inch painters tape, but Frog Tape is the best brand and inexpensive.

This finished product turned out a lot better than I imagined. It can be viewed in any direction. The burnt orange gives it an asymmetrical design with the color. Note: I should have incorporated an actual border.

This does not take long to make because of the size of the canvas. For drying time, I would give it at least 1 hour to be safe when using acrylic paint. I want to create two more with different designs and with the .25 painters tape. 

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