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If you do not own a single typography book, I think you should own Thinking With Type. Ellen Lupton’s Thinking With Type is to typography what Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time is to physics.

It is a very good read for anyone who loves typography. It was a required text for a graduate course. However, I end up liking the book entirely. It was well structured and Lupton talks in a way the audience can understand whether you are a designer or not.

The book is made up of three main sections, namely Letter, Grid and Text. The first section of the book, Letter, briefly introduces type with a very short history, looks at type classification (Humanist, Modern, Transitional et. al.), designing typefaces and screen fonts.

Selecting type with wit and wisdom requires knowledge of how and why letterforms evolved. — From Thinking With Type.

The second section, Text, deals with some of the details of typography like kerning, spacing and alignment and includes some simple type exercises.

The third and final section, Grid, is concerned with the Golden Section and the importance of grids in controlling and presenting type.

There’s also a brief but excellent Appendix that deals with punctuation, editing and proofreading. That is just as important as the typography itself.

I believe her books are a great investment, especially if you are a designer.

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