There Are Actual Rules To Freelancing.

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There are rules to everything you do and you see them everywhere you. There are actually rules to freelancing. Everyone have their own set of rules, and I have mine.

Getting Up Like You Are Going To Work
Most of the world is either on their way out to work or may have to go to work later. If you have specific hours you set to do freelance work then get up like it is time to go to work. For example, if you set your hours from 9am-6pm, get up at 7am like you are about to head out the door. Set yourself around a 6-10 hour schedule. I personally get up at 6am, workout, eat breakfast and then begin work if their is any to complete but I stay up look for inspirations, revamp my portfolio, anything that does with design I begin to work on it. DO NOT over work yourself. I have a tendency to do this. 

Keep Tabs On Everythiing
As a freelancer, you MUST keeps tabs on everything,. This includes, the hours you spend doing work for a client to keeping track of your personal finances. For me, I still work a part-time retail job. I keep track of my paycheck to determine what goes in my savings account, what goes towards bills, and what I keep for myself. When working with a client, you should always keep tabs on how long the project takes whether you are charger per project or per hour. I normally charge per project and add fees if there are any. If there are multiple projects and the client has much more funds to spend then I can charge hourly because i sometimes do not know how long a project(s) can take. Either, way, I keep track of it all and I create invoices for each client.

Be Inspired and Keep Sketching
Everyday I am inspired by things i see online or when I am outside. Some even inspires me to sketch, which may become the next idea for a project or concept. Besides, sketching is a part of your design process. You should be able to show your audience your ideas through a quick and detailed, brainstorming sketching before it is designed on the computer. As a freelancer, you should always find unique and interesting things that inspire you and not because "you just like it". You should have a clear reason why it inspires you. Trying using basic design principles and elements that you have learned. I also read lots of design articles. I get a lot of advice from those who have been in the business for much longer than I have. There are always new and exciting ways to better yourself as a designer. It is out there, think outside the box.

Space, Concentration, and Peace
This is one rule I recently added for myself and I think it should be for everyone else. Space. Having space is actually a big deal. My space right now is working in a big living room with the music playing and no other distractions. I love working in a big room. Being in the bedroom or in a smaller space constructs my thought process. When you work at home, there will always be distractions. Things happens, but you want to alleviate your distractions. For example, keep the TV off or don't be around lots of noise. The second best place would be a big park under a tree or any source of shade. Anything that can bring you peace of give you more focus and concentration is the best for any freelancer.  

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