Own Your Title, Whatever You May Call Yourself.

4:18:00 PM

It is so hard for people, especially women, to own their status as an artist. It is really a confidence issue. It is said we starve to follow our passions. If we are at all concerned with making money or if we do make money from our work – especially through commercial work – it must mean our intentions as artists are somehow corrupted. I believe that is where the starving artist myth came about. As artist we either have been taught directly or indirectly. I spent lots of time feeling inferior and not feeling good enough to be an artist. I became scared to call myself an artist and a graphic design because I wasn't getting enough clients or being recognized enough. Here is where I was wrong and the whole concept of starving artistry is bull.

What matter is not of talent, but that I wake up happy doing what I enjoy. What matters is that I make my best effort every day to be myself in my life and work. What matters is that I work really hard at my career. What matters is that I am thoughtful about the work I want to make and the people I want to work with. I also came to embrace my own experience. I may not be where I want to be as an artist, but I am still a respectful graphic designer and artist.

One thing about owning your title is that you have to do the work. It is a verb. You see, owning up to your title is important because if you do not see yourself as who you are people will not either.

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