A Formula To Running A Successful Business

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Just like me, everyone wants a way to run a successful freelance business. Though, I am not where a lot of my favorites and more popular designers are, I know I am getting there. Everything is a process and by following a process, you will reach your ultimate goal. After reading a blog post on how to run a successful freelance business. I thought it was necessary to write about how to begin that process. I narrowed it down to 5 and these works if you want to be successful anywhere.

1. High quality work
2. Sharing
3. Referrals/Testimonals
4. Communication Skills

1. High Quality Work
Always provided high quality work, not just from your clients, but your portfolio website and social media outlets. It is everything that makes you a freelancer. Not only does your services have to be high standard, but your entire online presence. Design your own Facebook banner, design your own twitter background, design your website, etc. Make sure it screams quality. For me, even if I do not have clients, I make sure my online presence is up to par, especially when it comes to design.

2. Sharing
Aside from doing good work, you should share everything you know and sharing your work process. I believe writing/blogging can be a second source to designing. You can focus on design, travel, studio art, poetry, basically anything. I have three blogs. One for poetry, one for art/design, and the other is on different topics on taking care of yourself. I think posting once a week and sharing it through all modes of social media will get you out there and get you more page views. As I continue to write more, I generated more page views. Commenting on other blogs also generate sharing. This gets you a better chance of being found by clients, rather than chasing for them.

3. Referrals/Testimonials
When you apply for a job, they ask for referrals or references. This is the same for designing.  All it takes is one project. I always make sure the client is completely satisfied, then ask for referrals or testimonials. I have several posted on my website, whether they are short or long letters.

4. Communication
Communication is key in running a business. Dealing with clients, sending e-mails, making phone calls - this is all about having good communication skills. It is key for every freelancer.  You want to remain professional at all times, but still have your own voice. Always respond in a timely manner. I always respond within 48 hours. This applies to everyday life, because you can not go out in the real word without knowing how to send a professional e-mail or to talk to people. It is common courtesy.

These 4 key elements are helping me brand myself to the world and get clients. It is a slow and hard process, but remain positive. Work hard, stay relevent, keep producing great art work, and soon you will have a business in no time.

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