Clients From Hell. A Little Insane Maybe?

3:29:00 PM

I have always tried to be a level-headed individual. As a graphic design, it is more important than even to keep my cool. I am not perfect but when it comes to my craft, it is my passion and what I thrive for. With that being said, as a graphic design, you will always have difficult clients. Some who you have just met and someone who decides to reach you after not contacting you for years. If someone disrespects you, you are on your own because you are your own manager.

My situation is a bit different. I can handle someone not liking my work. That pushes me to work harder. However, when I decide to give someone a chance by being an adult that is another issue within itself. The person in question had an obsessive crush on my beginning in high school before I became a graphic designer. He never met me but we were friends. Things got weird and I blocked him before he decided to steal all my images from MySpace (at the time) and Photobucket and make a random video of me on YouTube. Years later, he message me stating he needs a Youtube branding that included a banner, logo, and watermark. As an adult ( a little naive), decided to give it a chance. Maybe he have grown up. As a client, he was fine. He understood the contract and how much the cost. Of course, until he began messaging me like he wanted me. That does not sit well with me at all.  Hey gave me extra money just because I was "beautiful and "sexy". I don't take bribes and I sent it right back to him. I finished his work and he payed me in full. Afterwards, I blocked him. Now, after all this happens, he continues to message me pissed off and wondering why I blocked him. I did not say a word and ignored him. Name calling I am used to as a child. He even called me a "slut". I guess it was a big deal. 

It is on of those lessens I have learned, which is to screen clients especially if I know them. As a graphic designer, I still have to keep level-headed. I am a business women, I have to keep my cool. Unless he threatens me, I do not see a problem but I am still keeping my eye on him.

There are ways to deal with clients during a project and after a project.

  1. Smile, apologize and agree with them, avoid confrontation and submit.
  2. Confront the client, be honest.
  3. Finish the work in silence, send an invoice and never accept to work with them ever again.
There is no right or wrong choice. However, each choice can impact you and your business in a positive or negative way. If you pick 1, you might bring back harmony for the time being but you risk being mistreated again in the future as the client understands he can get away with it. If you choose 2, then you might end up fighting with the client and, even if you are right, they can make some pretty bad publicity about you. That is what i try to avoid. If you choose 3, you avoid a fight but will end up with a client that might seek you again and might still give you bad publicity depending on how they will take it. It’s a mess and there is no “perfect behavior”. You have to make the judgement call for yourself and your business. However, never be afraid to terminate a client though. Your terms and conditions, which should be part of your contract and posted on your website, should cover abuse of staff. It should be a irreconcilable breach of the contract for the client to abuse the designer.

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