Black Female Artist

11:46:00 PM

As a mid-20-something year old black female, I have embraced my differences. As a little girl, it was difficult and struggled with my so-called "uniqueness". People were still trying to figure out what they are. I am an artist. I work out. I obsess over being organized. I can express the differences between "there", "their", and they're". I don't drink soda. I have never once used the words “cray” or “twerk” in conversation. 

I am not saying that there is something wring with people who do not have characteristics as me. It is actually intriguing that we can not be put into one characteristic. We are all different and beautiful at the same time. However, sometimes, it is not shared by everyone. As an artist, I learn that the hard way. It is a lot harder for blacks to be seen sometimes or even recognized. However, we try hard so we are not told we do not work hard enough.

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