What Is Typography?

1:24:00 AM

Typography has its roots in calligraphy and handwriting. Typography is idealized writing. Bringhurst said type "gives the illusion of superhuman patience and precision to the writing hand." Typefaces are standardized ways of writing the characters in our alphabet in order to communicate to a wide audience. This visible, durable form of language is responsible for the spread of information and therefore, for much of human advancement. Think about it . . . you're using it right now.

Typography forms a link between a writer and a reader. Typefaces give a voice to the text. Big letters shout. Small letters whisper. Serif typefaces articulate. Grunge fonts mumble and slur. Scripts sing. Sans serifs speak in business-like tones. Type gives the text a personality—a face. As you will understand from the Typecast worksheet we are doing this module, there is meaning inherent in typographic forms.

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