Pricing Your Services

12:46:00 AM

There is no set way to literally price your art work but there are ways to help pricing. Design is not just about placing a pretty image, bring it in photoshop, and place text on it. It is about process, communication, negotiations, concepts, and execution. It takes time and effort and execute the clients needs and vision. I have read different blogs, articles, and books to find out the right price range. You ca either price per hour or per project.

Average Graphic Designer Rates:

  • Student/Self-Taught: $20-$30 per hour
  • Designer - Senior Designer: $35-$50 per hour
  • Senior Designer/Creative Directors: $75-$150 per hour
  • Design Agency: $200 and up
This can give some idea hourly where to price your services. Personally, I charge per project because I am giving my clients a solid rate up front for the entire project.

Hourly Rate:
Total Expenses x Reasonable Salary =Total Salary
Total Salary / 1,610 hours worked per year =Total Hourly Wage
Total Hourly Wage + 10% - 15% profit margin =Total Hourly Rate

I hope this helps for some.

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