What Makes A Website ReDesign Successful?

12:22:00 AM

I do have a lot to say about this question from constantly changing my portfolio site to the point during lectures of a different class.
I believe that a successful design is all about usability and the utility not the visual design that can determine the success or failure of a website. The navigation and site architecture needs to be intuitive. The more "question marks' on a website can make it harder for users to comprehend how it works and how to get from point A to point B. A clear structure, moderate visual clue, and easy-to-find link can help users find their way around a website.
I believe you should be able to offer your users some services and tools, but it should be kept at a minimal. The less action require for a user, the more likely the user will actually try it out. A first time user is willing to play around with a website while not filling out long contact forms. In all, let the users explore the website and discover the services without forcing them to fill out any data.
Another point is to keep the users attention. For example, if a service is free then put it there in big a big font.  Users recognize and love the word "free" and it grabs the attention. Again, the less question marks on a website, the better. As far as services, let the user see clearly what functions are available. What matters is how understandable the content is so the user can interact with the system.  As far as being understandable is concerned, make sure the type is easy to read. Even though, I love the cursive and elegant font I have to keep it at the basic for my users to red legibly.
The design aspect of what makes a website successful is different. White space is becoming popular with website design. White space, for me, is best only behind text or another light color (tans and grays), but don't be afraid of black either. Black is universal. For a general business monochromatic is the best way to go.  The general design and aesthetic for the website should be simple for the user. The users should always be able to recognize the header, navigation, content area, and footer. If you can see these, then your user wont either.

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