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12:28:00 AM

Just like most CSS frameworks, all of the frameworks will help you rapidly develop sites by eliminating the need to write basic CSS styles yourself, as you would expect.
Regardless, of whether you use CSS grids for prototyping or production systems, there are multiple aesthetic and design benefits:
  1. Visual design cohesion between page elements.
  2. Uniformity and consistency in HTML element placement.
  3. Easier to apply the “rule of thirds” and the “golden section” to design.
  4. Mostly eliminates the need to use nested HTML tables.
  5. Nested sub-grids, for very complex designs that are relatively simple to produce.
  6. Easier to apply images and text callouts to produce asymmetric layouts for visual texture.
  7. Cross-browser support, so less screaming and hair pulling when you get around to testing for that bane of designers, IE.
  8. Reduced effort for producing slicker web page layouts, compared to coding the necessary CSS from scratch.
  9. Reduced future effort if you need to reposition elements or change rendering characteristics (typography, margins, etc.) for related elements en masse.
  10. Usable with static pages and CMSes/ blog platforms.
  11. Enables the popular use of creating “magazine” and premium themes for blog platforms. (WordPress seems to be the platform that CSS frameworks are most often used with, though any other platform that allows referencing a JavaScript source file should work just fine.)
For example, Blueprint CSS
  • Relatively small file sizes. Has compressed versions for production use, for further size decreases.
  • Print + screen stylesheets.
  • Simple to integrate and use.
  • Easy to remember CSS classes and ids that are unlikely to clash with any that you’re already using.
  • Lots of support tools, especially for generating custom grids.
  • Lots of articles/ tutorials about Blueprint, with lots of positive vibe.
  • Lots of use of Blueprint by WordPress theme designers.
This, along with other CSS Grid is good for development depending on the designer to keep everything organized and simple while creating websites.

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