Online Privacy? Myself In The Eyes Of The Internet

11:48:00 AM

I have been asked all the time to Google myself and see what I may found. My name is a very unique spelling so before any listings would appear on Google, it will ask me if I have misspelled my name wrong or sometimes even auto correct my name for an actress 'Melyssa Ford'.

Being a social media enthusiasts especially throughout high school, my social media pages would come up. Some I have long deleted but the cache' may still remain or websites that have shut down also remain in search engine results but usually come up as "the page cannot be display".

I knew nothing about privacy expect not putting my address and phone number on the internet. Being that I want to be a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and graphic design I had not problem putting myself out there about who I am, my interests, and portfolio.

An incident when I was about 18 or 19 truly changed how I perceived the internet the content displayed. My senior year in high school, I was dating someone younger than me, as so-called online friend (or pen -pal) someone had a big deal over it. I guess he wanted to date me and was mad I turned him down (I had every reason to, he live in Maryland and I was in Pennsylvania). This guy would first insult me in which it didn't bother me because I end up blocking him and deleting him from all modes of social media and my friends list. Then he began create fake social media profiles about me stealing my information and photos. By stealing my photos from mainly my Myspace account, he created a YouTube video about me dating a "boy"  just using my photos. Of course, it was taken down by the administration  on YouTube and the fake accounts on different modes of social media. He went as far as putting me on a poon site in which I had that taken down as well but with legal threat of course. He may had mental problems or something, I don't know. Over the years he has tried to apologize and add me again on social media.

A couple of days ago, I googled my name again and found that I was on this poon site (again). Someone stole my pictures from Facebook. This user had other females on this website as well. Of course, I had it taken it in less than 24 hours.

Now, I periodically Google my name and make sure that nothing is fraudulent going on. The internet was never safe from user but now you have to truly protect yourself from what is out there in cyberspace.

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