Subject: In-The-Round

1:56:00 AM

Fall 2010, 3D Design
Medium: Form Core, Poster Board, Elmer's Glue, and Hot Glue.

Art is invisible. Only the media for conveying art can be perceived by our physical senses. Although feelings are transmitted by the accumulations of paint on canvas, by the contours of a sculpture, or by the sounds of music, these physical forms are only the craft which carries the art. Void art utilizes an absence of symbols and materials to reconnect us with our emotional and spiritual realities. The medium itself is invisible, defined only by its environment. It is the lack of stimulation of the five physical senses which allows us to experience purely the feelings evoked in the void. This piece was my final project in 3D design to achieve a 3-dimensional voided form that is in the round. The composition consists of to cylinders, a solid box form, and an open boxed form.

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