"Savage" Logo

5:48:00 PM

I used a random word to create this logo, but I wanted to have the letter "A" in the word. I used the word "Savage". It took me a couple of months to complete this logo because I had stop at a point and then start back up again, plus my vision for this logo was not correct until recently. I decided to use a lot of brushes for the feathers and flowers around the word. Also, this is done in mostly black with a bit of grey. The emphasis on the "A" is meant for 2 reasons. The first reason is because my middle name starts with an "A" for Angel and the second reason is that the "A" stands for art. The word savage in the dictionary means wild and untamed. I applied that word to my logo and made it positive, which means that my art work is wild and strong in creativity with a general purpose.

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