Corporate Logo Package

8:03:00 AM

Spring 2010 - Graphic Arts 420

Design project for school, create a corporate identity for a company. The company is Go Go Entertainment. The typeface is "Geometry Soft Pro Bold Narrow". The whole design is intended to give off a creative feel in the hopes that in the current (or any) economy, a company that can provide a feeling of security in people's dreams of the entertainment industry and won't give off the feeling of "fame and fortune of ourselfs" might catch more positive attention.

Programs Used: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Mission Statement:

GoGo Entertainment is a management company located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. GoGo Entertainment has been the largest name in the entertainment industry since our creation in 1995. We manage clients in music, motion pictures, and television – especially writers, actors, directors, and singers who embrace change and push the envelope. We also manage artists who have unique voices, those who communicate by instinct, not by formula, and artists with a passion and craft for the entertainment business. GoGo Entertainment represents artists across the board, in all stages and aspects of their careers.

GoGo Entertainment ….. Entertainment on the Go

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