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Fall 2009 - Graphic Arts 1
I created a fiction catalog to demonstrate Japanese fashion. My reason for this is simply I love Japanese culture so I wanted to incorporate something to that affect. This sin used is Pride because your fashion signifies and make a statement about who you are and your personality on the outside and the inside.

Alongside the catalog, I had to created a storfront signage to attract the audience to my catalog. I used a different sin which is sloth because fashion is a good way to show who you are. Sloths means "lack of care' and if the way you dress is only up to you not anyone else. Meaning you have the "lack of care" of those around you on the way you dress.

Fall 2009 - Graphic Art 1

Mission Statement:
B-Fly is a company founded in 2009 whose main objective is to have the society of young women to understand and enjoy the world of Japanese fashion in America. It was started by an African American female by the name of Mellyssa Diggs who took her interest in Japanese culture to the next level. We feel that every part of the world has its own unique way of fashion that can be made beautiful. Our stores offer a wide range of Japanese clothing collections from shoes, apparel, accessories, and cultural pieces. Everyone should have the best and we intend to make you feel beautiful in the world of Japanese culture.
B-Fly from Head 2 Toe

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