Flyer (Advertisement)

10:32:00 PM

Fall 2009 - Graphic Arts 1

I created a flyer for a fictional company called: Uverworld of Dance. I wanted to chose something I enjoy doing, but also using some form of graffiti in the process. Uverworld of Dance is a company that teaches dance of all types, but specializes hip-hop and krump dancing. I used the sin: Envy. Many people envy those who can dance very well and make a living, but others can use a good thing too much. The typeface used for the type is " Arial Narrow".

Programs Used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop.

Mission Statement:
Uverworld of Dance was founded by Mellyssa Diggs in Pennsylvania dance studio Philadelphia. The dance studio started as a rundown building near a popular club. At first, Uverworld was designed as a hangout spot for her and her friends. Then after a while, we were noticed by professional dancers. She was offered to open the dance studio for men and women of all ages and sizes.

Lessons for children under the ages of 13 are 7 dollars, ages 13-25: 12 dollars, over the age of 25: 15 dollars. Once per month, a giveaway is held for one person to receive free dance lessons in their dance style of choice for 6 months. Also, we offer summer dance camps: 6-12 week programs. Come out to dance for fun or for someone you care about.
Dance Alive…Dance Free

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