Direct Mailer

8:15:00 AM

Fall 2009 - Graphic Arts 1
This Direct Mailer is created to advertise a fictional recording label called Addicted To Black. It's main aim is to target record producers, singers, songwriters, musicians, and anyone in the music business. This was the hardest to create as far as design. I used a font called "Make Me Alpha" and as far as the design and images I used silhouettes of music artist in the cover and abstract lines on all pages.

The sin used: Lust. Lust is used throughout the music business because those who want to be in the music business just want the lust of fame and fortune but not the hard work that comes along with it.

Mission Statement:
"Addicted to Black Records is a record label of professionally created music to bring back the soul produced back in the day to the evolving generation of today. Our head offices are located in New York and branches out to major cities in Philadelphia, Chicago, Orlando, Hollywood, and Atlanta. Our record company hosts many fundraisers, contests, and talent searches to make people aware of our record label and support/help the youth’s dreams to be in the music business. Music is an important entity for children, teens, and adults which allow them to release the full extent of their creativity. With the loss of many music programs and the loss of music produced back in the day. Our goal is to make the issues known while raising money to keep these music programs alive and bring back some of the meaning of music produced back in the day. Don’t let music fade away and support them in every way you can."

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