Postcard (Front and Back)

10:13:00 PM

Fall 2009 - Graphic Arts 1

I created a posted using the sin: Greed. I did (nearly) all of the work on this postcard, having to deal with the predetermined fonts, logos, & picture (of the eye). I composited the design in Photoshop, used the colors Blue and Green from a stock image, using a cursive font to make the feel of the lightness of the front of the postcard. I used the cursive font for the front title and the back with the information attached.

All the information on the back is made-up to fulfill the required assignment for the class. The butterfly used in the front is also used several times on the back. Also, I had to created a Mission Statement for the postcard.

"Eye, Body, & Soul (Known as EBS) was founded in a small city in Pennsylvania. EBS’ philosophy is to help the eye feel naturally beautiful as the entire body. EBS is a non-chemical solution applied once a day to help refresh and correct a person’s vision without laser eye surgery, contacts, or even glasses. Many people around the world have visions problems from astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness. EBS will bring the beauty back to your eyes and gives the confidence back to the body and soul.
Stop Wanting.....Start Giving."

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