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So, I have restarted this blog....again Typical for someone like me. It is slightly past the middle of the night...1:30 AM to be exact, generating thoughts. So where to begin. Everyone knows that my name is Mellyssa Angel Diggs...practically all over the internet, but not your typical college student. One word that could describe me is intelligently-weird. My name is spelled different from what society tends s to spell it, but the mean of my name is basically the same. The name "Mellyssa" or "Melissa" is Greek from Honeybee and/or Honey sweet. Maybe that is where my generosity comes in. The thought of naming me came from my father who has always been there especially when my mother was in the streets. This, my mother was the one who gave birth to me, but she never took care of me. My family is complicated, which will be another write from another time...maybe.

Now, I also have a nickname that really explains the like of Japanese culture. The name is finalized as Luna Nightingale or ルナ・ナイチンゲール. How ironic my nickname really depicts my love for music. "Luna" is the moon typically in Latin, but also is the Roman moon Goddess and "Nightingale" is a European songbird. The reason of choosing this name is simple. My dream and my passion for music are singing and I enjoy looking at the moon at night...a peaceful sight.

So on to where I live, I was born and raised in Chester, Pennsylvania...18 years and about 7 months. Moved to Linwood, Pennsylvania during my freshman year in college after my dad finally got remarried. Neither two cities are completely bad, but I guess not being around people I would consider that.

Me in general, I am not a talkative person unless I trust you enough and then I will talk too much. I am an artist of several dimensions: a music artist, graphic artist, designer, and poet. After contemplating on what visual art major to peruse I made a decision to major in Graphic Design by the senior year in high school. By the end of my freshman year in college, I declared my minor in music performance. These are just two areas I love and continue to save me from.

Ok, so did I mention I love Japanese culture? Yes, I do. All things Japanese from electronics, to clothes, to, video games, to anime. Yes, anime! I could probably list you several I have seen and watched more than twice... Akira, Full Metal Alchemist, Dragonball Z, and of course my favorite...Sailor Moon. I have the entire boxset and others too.

So, I am a nerd. I know. I have handled the pressures of name calling all my life. I have been through the teasing all my life. I have also made it on my own mostly all my life besides the help from my dad.

Reading is essential. I enjoy and live for it. I am intellectual for a reason, because I tend to know exactly what I am talking about, maybe with a little psychology...so I don't like being tested.

There is another thing most people tend to notice is that I am either always online or always writing and if I not doing any of those I am always working on something. I have been told I work to hard...typical...but that lets me have placement in life.

So, that could basically sum up who I am and my personality. My topics will be posted later on when the thoughts come in to place.

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